1. Always get three proposals making sure they are from comparable size companies and are in writing.
 2. Never be scared into signing a contract when told your house or yourself is in danger if work is not done immediately. Check with proper authorities such as R. G.& E., City or Town Building Departments.
 3. Never fall for the gimmick that your house will be used as a promotion or demonstrator model if you sign a contract.
 4. Always be wary of any company that uses high pressure tactics and especially if they come to your home with two salespersons.
 5. If solicited either by phone or door-to-door for gutter cleaning, driveway or chimney repairs, always check for references and never contract for anything other than a cleaning! Should the company try to force you into additional work, tell them you will get back to them after checking with B.C.B., neighbor or relative.
 6. Never give cash payments and never give large deposits before work is started. Also, do not allow contractor to accompany you to the bank or see bank checking or savings accounts.
 7. Never sign a final contract without a relative, neighbor, or representative of B.C.B. discussing it with you!
 8. Always be sure the contract meets all code requirements and contains: Description of work, start and completion dates, 72 hour right to rescind, notice of lien intention, escrow account and payment schedule.
 9. If financing is involved be sure to never sign a bank completion slip before work is finished to your approval. This would have allowed the bank to release payment.
10. Be sure that warranties or guarantees are stated and that you understand what portion of the contract sum is for labor and what is for materials.