The Better Contractors Bureau offers many services to the public. Below are listed four of the major ones.

 1. Complaint Filing:
    Complaints are accepted on workmanship on remodeling and new homes ONLY. Upon receipt of a complaint along with a copy of a contract and a $15 processing fee, the complaint will be reviewed and then sent to the company asking that they respond within 30 days with a written version of their customer's claims. When the contractor's response is returned a copy is sent to the customer asking that they respond to it within 10 days. If a contractor doesn't respond to the complaint within the 30 day allotted time period all paperwork is forwarded to the Attorney General's office, any organizations that the contractor may belong to, along with TV station news notifying them of the contractor's reluctance to satisfy consumer's complaints.  
 2. Mediation & Arbitration:
In cases where a complaint cannot be settled through the B.C.B.'s regular complaint processing service we also offer a (free) in house mediation directly through the office or formal arbitration (for a fee) through its working agreement with the Center for Dispute Settlement.  
 3. Inspections:
The B.C.B. offers an inspection service for cases where there may be a difference of opinion between the contractor and consumer. The inspector is unbiased and will give a full written report with his analysis and opinion as to the workmanship and a recommendation as a possible way to settle the dispute amicably. The fee for the inspections within areas of Monroe County are $200 and $250 for the other five counties served. The inspector will also be available for $200 per day should he have to appear in court to verify his report.
 4. Inquiries & Referrals: Consumers may call 585-338-3600 to check on a contractor's reputation (member or not) who they are considering for a future project.